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Heevie mobile medical clinic was started in the year 2008 as a part of Heevie plan to provide the health care services in the far villages which lacked the simplest health services as a result of the continuous wars in the region. But since the year 2014, and after the crises resulted from the war against the terrorist group of ISIS, and after the displacement of thousands of families to Kurdistan region, Heevie directed its mobile medical clinic services to support the IDPs and people in the liberated areas, and also the Peshmarga forces near the front war lines.

After liberation of most of the regions in the north of Ninewa governorate, including Zumar and Rabiaa, most of the people displaced from those regions returned back to their cities and villages, and many of families near the frontal war lines moved to the more secure newly liberated areas.

Those returnees and the local IDPs are in an urgent and acute need for the primary health care services, drugs and medical equipments.

Heevie teams are trying to cover as much as possible of the health needs of our people in the liberated areas, and that was done through rehabilitation and reconstruction of the community health houses in different villages and supporting them with the expert medical staff, drugs and medical equipments to serve the people in the best way. In this year (41132) patients have been examined and treated. The two tables below show the villages that have been visited:


Table 1 :

Table 2 :


Monthly Meeting with General Directorate of Health and with Duhok NGO office in Duhok
in Duhok, 2015


Within its plans to play an important role in various levels and different activities, Heevie insisted to be take part in different meetings hold in Duhok governorate and also on Kurdistan and Iraq level.

In this field, Heevie had a continuous participation in the monthly health cluster meeting regulated by the general directorate of Health in Duhok governorate in order to follow the health status in Duhok and to have a good attention of the different needs of IDPs and refugees in the governorate, and also to discuss various activities provided by different organizations for the IDPs and refugees and the most important obstacles in the way of holding their activites.

Heevie also took part in the regular meeting hold by Duhok NGO office in Duhok governorate building during the year 2015. These meeting discussed the of the situation of various NGOs in Duhok region and their main activities, and also the circumstances to hold these activities in the best way.

Heevie was an important member of Iraq Health cluster, which was holding its meetings in UNAMI building in Arbil. Heevie took part in drawing the map of the most important health projects for the IDPs and Refugees and was a member of the committee that discussed and chose the best and most important health projects for the IDPs and refugees all over Iraq.

Pictures from Project: Mobile Medical Clinic - By Months

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